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When it comes to digital distraction, the struggle is real.

You WANT to focus. You want to put the work in. But you just can’t seem to focus on anything for long enough.

You feel frustrated… then your phone chirps. You pick up up, start to play around with it. You wind up browsing social media. Blogs. News. Videos. Your project lies there forgotten.

Why is so hard to stay focused?

Here’s what nobody actually tells you: motivation doesn’t come from thin air. 

Real motivation — effortless, abundant — is cultivated each and every day by your HABITS. And some of the most critical habits you can build are smarter digital ones.

Here’s why it’s getting harder to focus these days:

Years of digital overuse have trained your brain to seek cheap, fast, convenient rewards on a screen.

Your brain wants to feel good. Evolution has primed it to feel good when doing naturally rewarding things — working hard, creating, socializing, working out. But when you hit it with a daily barrage of fast, easy digital stimulus, your brain rewires its reward center to seek more of the good stuff.

This is why there are so many people today who literally cannot function without their phones, laptops and furious multitasking. Their brains are so used to the high-stimulus firehose that anything less feels empty and unexciting.

I should know. I used to be one of them.

The answer: Healthier Digital Habits.

Upgrading your digital habits is the first and most important step in rebooting your brain.

That’s right: changing the way you check your phone, look at the internet and use social media can have massive, long-lasting impact on your energy, focus and motivational levels. 

Take a free micro-course: 5 Days to Digital Freedom.

This course is an ultra-simple, ultra-practical introduction to the FIVE most essential habits you need for a digitally balanced life.

Each day, you’ll get one habit to focus on and start incorporating into your everyday life. That’s it!

Learn the Five “Master Habits” that open the door to Digital Freedom:

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