Episode 01: The “Homescreen Zero” Hack for Mindful Smartphone-ing

Smartphones suck at keeping us mindful. Here’s how to fix it.

Our phones are like bright shiny objects that keep us perpetually excited with the promise of Something Else.

Ooh! Another picture!

Ah! An email that needs my attention!

And we like it.

We like a never-ending flow of salacious pixels. It comforts us. It reassures us. Until we look up and realize we’re nowhere near doing all the stuff we need to get done. All that time and effort, lost to a screen.

“Homescreen Zero” is a hack that helps.

I’m not promising miracles. But I am offering:

  • A more intentional, purposeful relationship with your phone
  • A reduction in notifications clutter
  • A reclaiming of your mind from the jaws of unrestrained attention-economy ground zero.

Listen to the episode and find out how.
(Alternatively — I wrote up a guide on putting your phone into Homescreen Zero mode… you can find it here.)

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